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Join us February 28 at 7:00 PM at Raleigh Brewing Company to learn about redirect automation and have your first beer on us!

If your website has ever had pages change url’s and never had a comprehensive redirect mapping, then you most likely are missing out on traffic to your website. In this talk James Pate (Twitter @jamesfpate) from IBM will go over some of the automation and processes you can use to map out massive amounts of redirects from broken links as well as find and redirect outdated content on large websites. You will learn how to use Google Sheets, SEO Tools for Excel, JavaScript, regular expressions, and a few API’s to simplify the process of redirect mapping and management.

You will also learn some similar processes and tools for smaller websites with some tips for common CMS systems like wordpress.

Because of Valentines and venue availability, we moved this event to 4th Thursday of the month. We will be back on track next month on the 2nd Thursday.

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